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Lake People

Lake People F355 Class A

Lake People F355 Class A

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Our opinion

"Very neutral and transparent preamps. Designed without saving on components, the Lake People F preamps preserve the transients and tone of the recording. The high-end and notched knobs make them a formidable tool for demanding stereo recordings (orchestra , etc.)." -Victor Malvolti aka Boring Vic

2-channel mic preamp

The Lake People F355 Class A is an ultra-low noise, two-channel microphone preamplifier with excellent audio performance and premium features. Ideal for replacing insufficient preamps in mixing consoles or for live recordings.

Channel characteristics:

- Pure class A design
- Electronic balanced input on XLR
- Gain from 0 to 66 dB switchable in 12 steps of 6 dB
- Fine adjustment by central potentiometer +/- 5 db deactivatable
- Low cut, 12 dB/oct., variable frequency range 12...250 Hz deactivable
- Noise: -129 dB at 60 dB gain
- Attenuation switch for -12 dB level reduction
- Intelligent and programmable mute system
- Switchable 48V phantom power
- Switchable phase inversion
- Ultra-fast 16-level level meter, 0...-36 dBr can be individually calibrated on the front panel
- Separate additional clipping LED
- 2 balanced electronic outputs on XLR

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