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Audeze MM-500

Audeze MM-500

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Our opinion

"My main headphone for a year, I love it! It's the first headphone from Audeze focused on mixing and mastering. It uses the planarmagnetic technology that has made the brand successful (low distortion, ultra-fast transients), but aims for a more neutral frequency response than its predecessors which were designed primarily for hi-fi (LCD-X, LCD-4, etc.), although they have become very popular in the studio. Result: the MM-500 is a super neutral headphones, with dynamics to spare and which allow you to work in the studio and on the move. My number 1 choice for engineers, all prices combined." -Victor Malvolti aka Boring Vic

Planar Magnetic studio headphones

    • Designed especially for mixing, it is particularly neutral and faithful
    • The MM-500 takes the room out of the equation and gives you studio-quality sound anywhere
    • Durable, lightweight machined aluminum and spring steel chassis
    • Compatible with most devices (audio interfaces or consoles), including laptops and phones
    • Designed in collaboration with sound engineer and producer Manny Marroquin

    A monitoring solution for every situation

    “I rely on my MM-500 as much as I rely on my main speakers” - Manny Marroquin

    The MM-500 is designed to meet the demands of long studio sessions. And it’s a monitoring solution that can be taken anywhere. In the studio, it's a great tool for removing the room from your listening. And elsewhere, it's always this same quality of sound that you bring with you.

    Listening with headphones to renew your workflow

    “When you want studio quality sound wherever you are” - Manny Marroquin

    You need to hear everything in the most natural and pure way possible – exactly when you need it – anywhere, at any time. Manny knows the importance of headphone listening in today's world: from the studio to the stage, from home to the hotel, the MM-500 is the reference that follows you everywhere, all the time.

    Elegant, comfortable and durable

    “Putting on the MM-500 gives me the confidence to produce the best mix” - Manny Marroquin

    With its soft, plush leather ear cushions, adjustable spring steel headband and machined aluminum frame, the MM-500 is both strong and lightweight. Just like Audeze's most premium headphones, the MM-500 is handcrafted in California. Its comfort and performance will accompany you for many years.

    Planar-magnetic in all its splendor

    The MM-500's planar-magnetic drivers deliver unprecedented realism that many audio pros, like Manny, "can't live without." With ultra-fast transients, flat frequency response, and reliable mix translation, the MM-500 delivers performance that's hard to achieve on headphones with dynamic drivers.

    My unboxing of the MM-500

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