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Benchmark DAC3 B

Benchmark DAC3 B

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Digital to analog converter (DAC)

The DAC3 B is the ideal converter to use upstream of Benchmark's HPA4 headphone amplifier or LA4 line amplifier. It is also ideal for many professional studio applications. It offers all the performance of the DAC3 HGC, but eliminates the volume control, analog inputs, mute and polarity controls, and headphone amplifier.

Internal digital processing and conversion is 32-bit, and this processing includes 3.5 dB of headroom above 0 dBFS. This headroom avoids DSP overheads that commonly occur in other D/A converters.

Four 32-bit balanced D/A converters operate in parallel to create each balanced analog output. This 4:1 summation provides 6 dB of noise reduction and gives the DAC3 peak performance.

Direct compatibility with Benchmark power amplifiers

The Benchmark DAC1, DAC2 and DAC3 converters are designed to directly drive power amplifiers and loudspeakers. These reference converters feature adjustable low-impedance passive attenuators at the XLR outputs that can be used to optimize the interface with the power amplifier (or powered speakers). This feature optimizes gain staging between the DAC and the power amplifier. So; every component in the audio chain is able to operate at its optimal signal level and system performance is significantly improved.

Neutrality as identity

All Benchmark converters are designed for maximum transparency. This transparency is absolutely essential in the monitoring chain. DAC3 converters are recommended for professional setups and for audiophiles seeking transparency. Unlike many competing products, the DAC3 is not designed to add "euphonic" coloring to audio. It is designed to be as colorless and natural as possible.

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