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Sound Anchors

Sound Anchors COMPADJ (pair)

Sound Anchors COMPADJ (pair)

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Our opinion

"The COMPADJ is a cheaper alternative to the classic ADJ1 and ADJ2 found in a plethora of American studios. The COMPADJ loses the rotating plate and has smaller dimensions, but retains the adjustable height and manufacturing quality of the range ADJ." Victor Malvolti aka Boring Vic

Monitoring speaker stands

The COMPADJ speaker stands are a special version of the ADJ1 and 2 designed for situations where space is limited. This support is only 25cm deep on the ground. It is adjustable in height from 89cm to 119cm and the plate cannot be tilted. The COMPADJ has a wide platform of 25cm by 25cm.

Sound Anchors compact stands are designed to allow the audio engineer to properly place a pair of small monitors in a tight space behind the console. The 35cm wide by 25cm deep base and the upright are filled and cushioned at the factory. COMPADJ stands provide solid support for your speakers. The platform is made from 6mm aluminum, which reduces the amount of energy transferred into the foot. They isolate the speakers from the console, the speakers from each other and from the floor, giving you a cleaner, more detailed image and more precise sound.


  • Base: 43.18 x 58.42 cm (17" x 23")
  • Platform: 25.4cm x 25.4cm (10" x 10")
  • Height of uprights: 89cm to 119cm (35" to 47")

Ideal for these speakers:

  • Max width of 25.4 cm
  • Max depth of 10 inches
  • Max weight of 27kg
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