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DrAlienSmith Capsule8

DrAlienSmith Capsule8

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Figure 8 microphone

The DrAlienSmith Capsule8 figure 8 dynamic microphone captures a unique mid range presence that instantly places any sound source right in the front of a mix while maintaining low end power. Perfect for things like kick drums in heavy and fast music, detailed bass lines that need clarity and fullness as well as toms during intricate rolls. Check out our DEMO page to hear some examples of the Capsule8 in action.

The Capsule8 features a 300 ohm 50mm headphone driver as a capsule. These capsules pick up sound in a figure 8 polar pattern, and like some ribbon microphones, the rear of the mic sounds different to the front. The front side of the Capsule8 has a brighter characteristic while the rear side has a darker tone. This gives the Capsule8 two distinctive voices and its like having two different mics in one. As an example, the rear of the mic works well on guitar amps that have too much bite and need to be tamed, while the front of the mic captures the brightness and fullness of a well rounded guitar tone.

While taking a some design inspiration from the classic Beyer M380 (which also used a headphone driver), the Capsule8 is definitely not intended to be a clone or a remake, it has a very distinct sound all of its own.

The Capsule 8 is a dynamic microphone and is unaffected by phantom power. It comes with its own microphone bag and holder.

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