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DrAlienSmith Wormhole

DrAlienSmith Wormhole

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Low-frequency microphone

The Wormhole is a new way of approaching recording low frequencies in studios. It is an electret electrostatic microphone powered by Phantom, and whose capsule is fitted with a 1.8 m hose. This pipe is waterproof and acts as a physical equalizer, attenuating high and mid frequencies. The pipe is waterproof and acts as a physical equalizer, attenuating high and mid frequencies while allowing low frequency signals to pass through. Its omni directivity makes its placement easy.

A microphone dedicated to low frequencies

The Wormhole feels like listening to someone playing a loud instrument in the next room, with muffled bass and highs and mids. On its own, this sound is unusual, but when the Wormhole is mixed with close mics, that's when it really comes into its own. You should think of the Wormhole as a subkick mic, but instead of it being reserved for the bass drum, it captures the entire kit and thus adds fullness to the drum sound.

Inspired by Sylvia Massy but diverted

The Wormhole was inspired by the garden hose microphone technique developed by audio engineer Sylvia Massy. If you've never heard of this technique, there are many videos that explain it very well. The garden hose method usually creates a unique reverb effect, but the Wormhole has nothing to do with that. It has been diverted to focus on capturing low frequencies.

Ideal on batteries

The most common use of this microphone is on drums. On the floor in front of the kit, with the pipe wrapping around the kick and ending under the floor tom, it helps capture a punchy bass sound. This feeling of bass impact comes from the kick, toms and a little from the snare. So, at the same time, the Wormhole provides impressive bass across the entire kit.

Some precautions for use

This microphone is a pretty unique tool and there are a few things to keep in mind when using it. Due to its sensitivity to low frequencies, it is recommended to only be used in the studio and not in concert. It's also best to only record one instrument at a time. If you're recording drums or an amp alone, that's great, but if you have a bass amp, guitar amp, and drums playing together in the same space, it will pick up the low frequencies of whatever is in it. the room.

The flexible part of the Wormhole is very sensitive to physical contact and can act as a micro contact. This can open up a range of interesting and creative sonic possibilities, but if you're using the Wormhole to pick up low frequencies, make sure nothing touches or rubs the pipe. It is possible to lay cables on top, but avoid cymbal stands or bass drum stands, as the resonance of these objects will be picked up by the Wormhole.

The Wormhole comes with its own stand and a hard case.

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