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Dutch.Audio IC2.1

Dutch.Audio IC2.1

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Digitally controlled insert console

The IC2.1 integrates the circuitry of well-known and proven analog insert consoles with a new computer interface. The IC2.1 can be controlled using the front panel, as well as using a VST3/AU plugin, which allows settings to be saved and automated. With the integrated Ethernet interface, you can easily connect the IC2.1 to your existing network. The IC121 provides two stereo inputs and two stereo outputs (XLR), as well as nine analog stereo inserts. Using sealed relays, all inserts are completely passive, without the electronic switching coloration present in competitors.

The IC2.1 offers many features. Firstly, the possibility of a bypassable active gain on the inputs, as well as separate active gains for its two outputs. Additionally, the output gains can serve as bypass gain compensation for level-matched AB comparison. Insert 3 is designed for blend mode, equipped with independent WET/DRY controls. Additionally, Inserts 5 and 6 feature Mid/Side processing, with dedicated MUTE buttons for Mid and Side channels, and a bypassable stereo width control. The encoder control values ​​and the name of the programmable insert are displayed on a very qualitative and readable screen.

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