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Dutch.Audio IM1.1

Dutch.Audio IM1.1

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Insert console

The IM1.1 insert console is ideal for the most demanding sound engineers. The IM1.1 is a fully transparent passive console, which also features bypassable active circuitry with functions such as Input Gain, Mid/Side Processing and Output Gain. Utilizing Dutch.Audio's renowned analog circuitry, the IM1.1 features 1 stereo input, 1 stereo output and 6 stereo inserts (compliant with Tascam DB25 standard). Thanks to the sealed relays, all inputs, outputs and inserts remain completely passive, ensuring no sound alteration during electronic switching.

The exceptionally transparent active input provides a gain range of +/- 5.5 dB in 0.5 dB steps. Inserts 1 and 2 are completely passive and can be reversed. Inserts 3 and 4 can operate in passive or mid/side mode. Inserts 5 and 6 are completely passive and can be reversed. The output can be adjusted in steps of 0.5 dB or 0.25 dB or with a gain range switch to select 0.25 or 0.5. It is also possible to choose a potentiometer for the output section with a gain range of +/-10dB.


  • 1 stereo input with bypassable stepped active gain (+/-5.5 dB) and polarity exchange
  • insert 1/2 (passive) with command exchange
  • 3/4 insert with stereo/MS switchable
  • insert 5/6 (passive) with order exchange
  • 1 stereo output with global insertion bypass and active gain

*The default output stepped attenuator is set to 0.5 dB or 0.25 dB increments with a maximum gain range of +/- 5.5 dB or +/- 2.75 dB.

*It is also possible to control the IM2.1 with a selectable gain range of 0.25/0.5 dB per step with a small toggle switch above the gain attenuator.

*A potentiometer with a gain range of +/-10dB is also possible. This feature can also be used as bypass gain compensation.


  • Input and output with gold-plated Neutrik XLRs
  • Inserts with gold-plated analog tascam DB25 standard.
  • Maximum passive gain: >+24dBu
  • Active stages at maximum gain: +24dBu
  • Passive sound level: >118dB(a)
  • Active sound level: >116dB(a)
  • Stereo crosstalk: >110dB(a)
  • Mid/side stereo crosstalk: ~80 dB(a)
  • Passive THD: 0.00042% (AD/DA limitations)
  • Active THD: 0.00045%
  • Input voltage 100 to 240VAC 50/60HZ. (external power supply)
  • Minimum power consumption 3 watts maximum 20 watts
  • Unit size: 1u 19 inch, depth 25 cm
  • Weight: approximately 2 kg
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