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Dutch & Dutch 8C Studio (pair)

Dutch & Dutch 8C Studio (pair)

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Sale & demo on request - In partnership with the official distributor SoundPartisan, we offer you the demo and sale of this exceptional product. Contact us to organize a listening session in France or Switzerland.

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Our opinion

"This is my main listening pair in the studio. A concentrate of technologies that allow them to adapt to the most difficult acoustic environments, such as living rooms and other living rooms where acoustic treatment is lacking. Originally thought for hi-fi, the 8Cs have made their breakthrough in studios thanks to their great neutrality and their ability to adapt. They equip the cabins of sound engineers and renowned musicians such as Alex Gopher at Translab, Perceval Carré, Anna, Etienne de Crécy and Patrice Baumel." -Victor Malvolti aka Boring Vic

Directivity-controlled active speakers

The Dutch&Dutch 8c speaker represents the panacea in the eyes of many high-end speaker designers. The goal is to obtain a full-range response (from very low to high) and homogeneous, great dynamics and good linearity, crossover management without compromise, an enclosure free from audible resonances and edge diffraction, control of the dispersion of sound energy throughout the audio band.

8C Hi-Fi / 8C Studio - what are the differences?

If the Hi-Fi and Studio versions have strictly the same sound, a few elements distinguish them:

Finishes : the Hi-Fi version has a natural wood cabinet, while the studio version has a high-density fiber cabinet. Also, Hi-Fi is available in numerous color variations, both for the baffle and for the cabinet. The Studio retains two nuts on the sides to be fixed in surround or other specific configurations.

Streaming : the Hi-Fi version integrates Roon and Spotify Connect

Price : the Studio version is cheaper

User experiences and feedback

"My experience with the 8Cs exceeded my expectations. I was extremely surprised, as were all my friends and colleagues, at the sound quality of these speakers without acoustic treatment. Their ability to adapt to almost any room is impressive. " - Benjamin Savignoni (Sound mastering engineer at Translab)

“The Dutch&Dutch 8Cs replaced a complex system made up of several large electronic components - they blew the old system away with their precision and rich sound!” -Mark Dolgonos

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