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Gainlab Dictator

Gainlab Dictator

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Our opinion

"Perhaps the cheapest vari-mu compressor on the market. It remains very well designed with really good tubes and quality components. Great in tracking, mixing and mastering. Very sensitive to gain-staging, it can be subtle or outright become a unit of saturation." -Victor Malvolti aka Boring Vic

Vari-Mu type stereo tube compressor

The Dictator is a dynamic tube compressor that takes the design of the famous vari-mu. Operation is the same as the legendary Fairchild 670 and Gates STA-Level, but also more contemporary versions of the "variable-mu" design. Custom branch circuit design is a proprietary solution called “mu-follower”. The two compressor channels can provide synchronized operation across the entire range of the transition curve, providing very smooth gain reduction. The operating parameters in terms of time and saturation characteristics are reminiscent of the great classics of the genre.

Differences between versions (stereo and dual-mono)

Gainlab offers 3 versions of the Dictator:

  • Dictator: works in linked stereo only
  • Dictator graphite: limited edition of the Dictator - only the finish changes (black color for the "graphite" version)
  • Dictator DM: works in linked and unlinked stereo (this version is therefore a little more expensive)


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