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Grimm TPR (per meter)

Grimm TPR (per meter)

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Balanced audio cable per meter

The Grimm TPR 'Twisted Pair Reference' cable has become the benchmark for high-end studio and hi-fi cables.

Grimm Audio cables are developed with science in mind. Their design focuses on high radio frequency immunity and low microphonics. The perfect symmetry of the cross section and the significant shielding contribute to very high RF immunity. A special interface layer under the shield and other construction details help reduce microphonics even further.

TPR ensures the most natural and least colored transfer possible. This, at a knockdown price.

Technical characteristics

  • Capacitance between internal conductors: 33 pF/m
  • Capacitance between inner conductor and shield: 52 pF/m
  • 1MHz loss: 0.02 dB/m
  • Loss 10MHz: 0.06 dB/m
  • Loss 100MHz: 0.25 dB/m
  • Resistance: 0.19 ohm/m (0.085 per conductor)
  • Armor coverage: 89%
  • Conductive polymer coverage: 100%
  • Microphony according to Mil C17: 2 mV-pk
  • Open circuit microphony: 50 nV/Pa (source impedance is cable capacitance)
  • Characteristic impedance: 110 ohms
  • Minimum bending radius: 55 mm
  • Cable diameter: 5.5 mm
  • Conductor Size: 24AWG
  • Weight: 40 gr/m

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