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hendy amps

Hendy Amps Michelangelo

Hendy Amps Michelangelo

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Tube stereo equalizer

Michelangelo is an all-tube stereo equalizer and harmonic generator designed and handcrafted by Chris Henderson of Hendyamps. Admired for its raw sonic beauty and inspiring ease of use, it ranks among the most remarkable equalizers available today.

The beauty of a 100% tube design

Only 2U high, the Michelangelo is an entirely tube-based stereo equalizer focused on sound beauty! This equalizer certainly does not aim to precisely target certain frequencies, as it is intended to be a wide-band equalizer that also acts as a harmonic generator. This one-of-a-kind equalizer is at home in all phases of the music production process (recording, mixing and mastering). Its sound signature, combined with its ease of use, make it a truly useful tool on a daily basis.

The Michelangelo is a discreet, class A, all-tube stereo machine.


  • BYPASS switches allow you to completely disengage the Michelangelo for a quick comparison
  • TRIM control allows the user to adjust the volume coming from the Michelangelo to any desired level
  • CALIBRATION Left Right is used to match the left and right signals, taking into account any volume differences encountered. Interestingly enough, these calibration controls can also be used to change the Michelangelo's tonal response if desired. For example, it is possible to increase the calibration volumes and decrease the TRIM, making the signal louder than normal, thus increasing harmonic distortion
  • The AGGRESSION control modifies the drive in the circuit, in order to further saturate the tubes
  • The LOW, MID, and HIGH controls control all three EQ bands, but in a way that adds more dynamic harmonic content the higher the EQ is raised. Note that the MID control covers a very wide band while the Low and High controls are narrower in comparison.
  • The AIR section amplifies ultra high frequencies and is one of the features most appreciated by Michelangelo users
  • LOW SHIFT modifies the Low control to target all frequencies below 150hz or 80hz.
  • MID SHIFT changes the response of the Low and Mid controls, essentially assigning the low mids to one or the other control.
  • HIGH SHIFT modifies the High section control to target frequencies above 1 kHz or 2 kHz.
  • The VINTAGE switch toggles between a “modern” mode (more defined) and a “vintage” mode (with less treble).
  • LoZ/HiZ modifies the output impedance of the Michelangelo in order to compose either a more colorful tone (HiZ) which will interact poorly with the equipment following it in your chain, or a cleaner tone (LoZ) which is not very part not affected by equipment tracking. in your channel.

There are 3 choices of Michelangelo available on Cool Kids Audio.

  • Standard version
  • 1/3 gain (ideal for mastering): The ranges of the EQ controls (Low, Mid, High and Air) are limited to approximately 1/3 of the normal gain range. This modification can often be more useful in a mastering context while the full version is often better in a tracking or mixing context. - price identical to the standard version
  • Notched version: the buttons are notched to facilitate recalls. These are very high end Elma switches. Some additional changes are made
    • The aggression actually remains unchanged, apart from the fact that it becomes progressive. The Low, Mid, High controls have been modified to provide a range of +/- 6bd (12db swing), with steps of approximately 0.5db.
    • Air offers a 6dB boost with steps of around 0.5dB.
    • The trim remains unchanged (from zero to maximum volume) in 2 dB steps. Maximum trim = unity gain
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