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HiFiMAN Ananda Stealth

HiFiMAN Ananda Stealth

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Hi-Fi planarmagnetic headphones

The Ananda Stealth headphones are the culmination of years of development to produce lightweight, ultra-thin and very sensitive speakers (to be amplified by all devices, even the least powerful). This is the third iteration of the Ananda series.


Their sensitivity of 93dB and their impedance of only 27 ohms make them particularly suitable for portable devices, such as telephones, computers and audio players.


The planarmagnetic technology (also called orthodynamic) that Hifiman has mastered for many years has here reached a very advanced stage. The membrane of just a few nanometers produces transients unmatched by conventional headphones. The distortion is infinitely low and the frequency response goes down to the infra.


Comfort and design are not left out, with a new more acoustically transparent grille, asymmetrical shells that adapt to the natural shape of the human ear and a headband that distributes the load for optimal comfort. Everything is assembled with excellent quality metal.


  • Frequency response: 8Hz - 55kHz
  • Sensitivity: 93dB
  • Impedance: 16 ohms
  • Weight: 398g
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