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"A "modern-classic" of hi-fi! One of the least expensive planar-magnetic headphones on the market. We find the low distortion and transients typical of this headphone technology that HiFiMan has mastered for so long." -Victor Malvolti aka Boring Vic

Planar-Magnetic Hi-Fi Headphones

The HE-400SE represents the entry level of the American headphone manufacturer HiFiMAN. It uses the “planar magnetic” (or orthodynamic) technology that has made it successful. This SE version is the latest iteration of the 400 series which is a best-seller in modern hifi.

What is a planar headset? What are their advantages over dynamic speakers?

The dynamic earphones found on most headphones use drivers that vibrate in limited areas of the diaphragm, so that much of the diaphragm is not used to its full capacity. Planar headphones, on the other hand, feature conductive layers that cover almost the entire diaphragm, resulting in significantly less distortion than typical dynamic headphones.

planar VS Dynamic

New “Stealth Magnet” magnets

The new “SE” version of the 400 series incorporates the new, more efficient Stealth Magnets. Their special shape makes them more acoustically transparent, greatly reducing distortion.

A more comfortable model

The new adjustable headband of the HE-400SE makes it even more comfortable than its predecessor. It is also lighter and more pleasant when the ambient temperature is high.

The speakers are protected by a new chassis, making the headset even more durable.


  • Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz
  • Impedance: 25 ohms
  • Sensitivity: 91dB
  • Weight: 390g

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