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HiFiMAN Sundara

HiFiMAN Sundara

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Planar-Magnetic Hi-Fi Headphones

The HiFiMAN Sundara hi-fi headphones are an open circum-aural model, equipped with planar-magnetic drivers, a technology with remarkable performance and which makes the success of the American brand. Its diaphragms are 80% thinner than those of the 400 series headphones, which represent the entry level of HiFiMAN.

Mastery of Planar-Magnetic

The finesse of the planar-magnetic membrane is even smaller here than on the entry-level. This allows it to oscillate even faster and reach 75kHz! We are therefore reassured about this performance below 20kHz. When listening we obtain a very detailed and clear sound. Transients are respected and distortion is extremely low.

Sundara: attention to detail

The level of finish of the Sundara pales other helmets around €300-400. The whole thing is solidly constructed with quality materials, including leather on the earcups. The detachable double jack connection makes the headset durable since it will be easy to change cables damaged by intense and prolonged use.


  • Frequency response: 6Hz-75kHz
  • Impedance: 32ohms
  • Sensitivity: 94dB
  • Weight: 355g

Press awards

" In my opinion, the Sundara is potentially HiFiMAN's best headphone. [...] It is part of our Wall of Fame because it offers a cheaper and probably more balanced option than the Audeze LCD2C and Mr Speakers Aeon Flow Open. Well done HiFiMAN!” Innerfidelity - 2018

The #1 choice under $700! “performance worthy of a 1000 euro headset for half the price.” The Absolute Sound 2020

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