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HLabs PRE169

HLabs PRE169

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Our opinion

“A preamp capable of a transparent sound or a Neve-style sound thanks to a real big Carhill transformer!” -Victor Malvolti aka Boring Vic

500 Series Preamplifier

The PRE169 is a very versatile microphone and guitar preamplifier. And this, both in terms of sound and functionality. Its large gain reserve (67dB) makes it compatible with all types of microphones. Coupled with a large Carnhill transformer and output attenuation, it is capable of a colorful sound as well as a clean sound.

Inspired by the Studer 169

The PRE169 is a near-perfect replica of the Studer 169 microphone preamps known for their large gain headroom and transparency. The addition of a huge Carnhill transformer, it is capable of a very colorful sound, like the Neve 51s which share the same transformers. The output level attenuation section makes it possible to compensate for the gain pushed to its limits.

Lots of clever features

A true Swiss army knife in the 500 format, the PRE169 has more than one string to its bow:

  • 67dB of gain to accommodate all mics, including ribbons and very low output sources
  • A very musical low-cut filter, with a slope of 12dB/octave and adjustable from 20 to 315Hz, to avoid masking phenomena at low frequencies.
  • the DI input also allows you to enter the Carnhill transformer with more or less aggressiveness. Try... You will love it!

Carefully chosen components

  • The huge Carnhill VT24499 transformer that gives the PRE169 its unique character
  • A Neutrik NTM-4 input transformer for almost unsaturable input gain
  • “Old-fashioned” manufacturing with 100% discrete THT components across the entire audio signal


  • API© 500 format
  • Maximum gain: 67dB
  • Pad: -33dB
  • Output level: 0 to -30dB
  • +48V phantom power
  • Polarity switch
  • HPF (High Pass Filter) discrete at 12dB/octave variable from 20Hz to 315Hz
  • Input transformer: Neutrik NTM-4
  • Output transformer: Carnhill VT24499
  • Frequency response (loaded 1kΩ): ±1dB from 6.2Hz to 25KHz
  • Microphone input impedance: 1.2kΩ
  • DI input impedance: > 1.0MΩ
  • Output impedance: < 20Ω - Transformer balanced
  • Equivalent Noise (EIN): -125dBu @ maximum gain (mic input)
  • Power consumption: 120mA | Peak 215mA

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