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Lake People

Lake People G111 MKII

Lake People G111 MKII

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    Headphone amplifier

    The G111 MKII is the successor to the famous Lake People G100 which can be considered the ancestor of the HiFi and Hi-End units from Lake People and Violectric. The Phone-Amp G100 was Lake People's first product widely used by audio engineers and audiophiles. Pros loved its indestructible construction, while hi-fi fans praised its sonic fidelity.

    The G111 MKII takes everything we loved about its ancestor

    • transistorized amplifiers for impeccable transmission quality
    • an RK 27 potentiometer for volume control
    • an oversized power supply with toroidal transformer

    The G111 improvements include:

    • Lower noise . Thanks to a lower internal gain, the noise generated by the amplifier is not audible.
    • Higher output voltage via internal operating voltage of 60 volts. More than 90% of headphone amplifiers on the market do not offer half this voltage!! It is therefore better suited to high impedance headphones.
    • Higher output power thanks to powerful amplifiers capable of delivering much more current than headphones need. Ideal for low impedance headphones and even large magnetostatic / planagarmagnetic headphones (Audeze, Hifiman, etc.)
    • Higher damping factor due to lower output impedance. It is therefore ideal for having a well-controlled bass, even on demanding helmets. And this with the guarantee of the flattest possible frequency response.


    • Balanced inputs via gold-plated XLR connectors
    • Unbalanced inputs via gold-plated RCA connectors
    • PRE-GAIN: gain adaptation in five steps
    • Separate circuits for each channel to minimize crosstalk
    • Discrete amplifier design with 4 transistors per channel (V100 Technology!)
    • Frequency response extended to 150 kHz (-3 dB)
    • High-quality Alps RK 27 potentiometer with optimized channel balance and ultra-low crosstalk
    • Toroidal transformer, large smoothing capacitors
    • Outputs with relay-controlled on-delay
    • Ultra-compact rugged aluminum housing
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