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Lake People

Lake People F311 D

Lake People F311 D

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"Very neutral and transparent preamps. Designed without saving on components, the Lake People F preamps preserve the transients and tone of the recording. The high-end and notched knobs make them a formidable tool for demanding stereo recordings (orchestra , etc.)." -Victor Malvolti aka Boring Vic

2-channel mic preamp

The Lake People F SERIES consists of high-end microphone preamplifiers that meet the requirements of sound professionals keen to obtain the most faithful signal possible from their microphones.

The F311-D is an ultra-low noise, two-channel preamp with excellent audio performance and unique features. Ideal live or in the studio to replace low quality preamps. Gain is adjusted with high-end 12-position switches, making recalls easy and stereo sound impeccable. The amplification section is powered from the mains via an ISC/CEE socket at 230 V or 115 V AC (internally switchable).

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