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Lewitt Connect 6

Lewitt Connect 6

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USB-C audio interface

The Lewitt Connect 6 is a flexible audio interface designed for musicians and content creators alike.

A hybrid interface for recording, streaming and podcasting

The Connect 6 is designed to meet multiple modern uses such as streaming, podcasting, video conferencing and content creation for social networks.

High-end recording capabilities

The Lewitt is a particularly faithful interface adapted to demanding musicians and sound engineers. Its two microphone preamps with an impressive gain of 72dB have an ultra-low noise of -133dBV EIN. Its flexibility is guaranteed by an integrated mixer, advanced routing options and integrated DSP (EQ, Expander and Compressor).

Optimized for desktop and mobile delivery

The integration of effects on the interface's DSP allows you to have perfect sound, without latency and on any configuration. Control Center software offers routing, loopback and mixing options that make streaming accessible for everyone. The integrated Maximizer allows you to obtain the optimal loudness to be competitive. Its USB-C input is MFI (Apple) and Android certified.

Professional sound for your podcasts

2 microphone inputs, 2 independent headphone outputs and loopack and Maximizer options make professional podcasting accessible to everyone.

Physical Inputs/Outputs

  • 2 studio-quality preamps for microphones and instruments
  • 1 stereo auxiliary input for synthesizers or other devices
  • 1 mobile input/output for full mobile device integration
  • 1 “Power” input for optimal performance depending on your USB-A port
  • 1 stereo output for speakers
  • 2 balanced jack outputs for studio monitors
  • 2 independent headphone outputs

Digital Inputs/Outputs

  • 4 tracks for software outputs
  • 3 Loopback tracks
  • 1 mobile phone input
  • 1 mobile phone output
  • 2 independent mixes
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