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Mogami by Lake People

Mogami by Lake People | AES/EBU & DMX 3080 cable (AESxxxxBL)

Mogami by Lake People | AES/EBU & DMX 3080 cable (AESxxxxBL)

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"High-end cables, without esotericism and guaranteed for 10 years. The "Mogami by Lake People" brand is assembled in Germany by the Lake People company, well known to Cool Kids Audio customers for their faithful and robust headphone amplifiers .

This AESxxxxBL range complies with AES/EBU and DMX standards with a very low tolerance of ±5%. Its capacitance is even lower than standard cables and makes it an ultra-fidelity analog connection." - Victor Malvolti aka Boring Vic

110 Ω XLR cable for AES/EBU and DMX

Mogami by Lake People cables are manufactured with passion in Japan and assembled with the highest precision in Germany by the Lake People company.

The AESxxxxBL cable is assembled from Mogami 3080 cable optimized for the transmission of digital signals complying with the AES/EBU standard. Its impedance of 110 ohms is guaranteed with a tolerance of ±5%.


  • Neutral and transparent signal transmission
  • Internal conductor with a section of 0.95 mm².
  • Extremely wide transmission range
  • Stabilization fibers inside
  • Very low cable capacitance
  • Extremely dense spiral shielding
  • Better transmission of impulses
  • Additional ground conductor
  • Very pure copper
  • Very flexible
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