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Mogami by Lake People

Mogami by Lake People | XLR microphone cable 2791 (MICSTAxxxxBL)

Mogami by Lake People | XLR microphone cable 2791 (MICSTAxxxxBL)

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"High-end cables, without esotericism and guaranteed for 10 years. The "Mogami by Lake People" brand is assembled in Germany by the Lake People company, well known to Cool Kids Audio customers for their faithful and robust headphone amplifiers .

This MICSTAxxxxBL range is designed for live performance: robust, flexible and rollable." - Victor Malvolti aka Boring Vic

XLR microphone cable

Mogami by Lake People cables are manufactured with passion in Japan and assembled with the highest precision in Germany by the Lake People company.

The MICSTAxxxxBL cable is assembled from Mogami 2791 OFC copper cable and gold-plated Neutrik NC3 connectors. It is designed for stage and broadcast. Constructed from 105 copper wires, it is extremely flexible and robust. With its durable jacket and braided shielding, the 2791 stands up to the toughest outdoor use and is easy to roll up. The low capacitance allows transmission over long distances without loss of high frequencies. This is the ideal cable for live applications.


  • Extremely flexible
  • Pure copper conductors
  • High tensile strength
  • Waterproof braided shielding
  • Mechanical structure stable over time
  • Optimized for continuous and intensive use
  • Gold plated contacts
  • Internal conductor composed of 105 strands
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