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RC Audio

RC Audio Red Alert

RC Audio Red Alert

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"Finally a solution to the absurd volume war that is raging among DJs! Too many of them clip their mixing desk to play as loud as possible, even though they do not have final control of the volume and the its sound is destroyed. Red Alert allows all DJs to play peacefully: those who are not playing in the red will be reassured to know that their colleagues will play at the same level as him or her" - Victor Malvolti aka Boring Vic

Anti-clipping tool for DJ mixers

Red Alert is the first commercial solution to solve an all too common problem: the clipping of mixing desks by DJs. By preventing DJs from playing in the red ( “red lining” in English), Red Alert preserves the quality of sound and the hearing health of the audience.

The problem of playing in the red

Playing in the red consists of a DJ pushing the gain of the tracks and/or the master too high, so as to reach the volume limits of the mixer, symbolized by red LEDs. The goal is to play as hard as possible. Problem: approaching the physical limits of the mixer, the sound suffers from clipping . This signal clipping phenomenon is disastrous for sound quality: it reduces dynamics, erases transients and produces distortion. The result is a crushed sound, without punch and unpleasant to listen to.

The most absurd thing is that very often, the DJ does not have the final say on the volume of the sound system. There will probably be a sound technician, a limiter or an intelligent and audiophile normalizer like the Leveliza, which will lower the volume artificially increased by the DJ.


When the output of the DJ mixer goes into the red, a large red light flashes to remind the DJ to reduce the level slightly.

If the DJ ignores or does not notice the warning for a certain period of time, the Red Alert temporarily mutes its monitor speaker output (the BOOTH output) to warn the DJ. Once the level is reduced, the BOOTH output becomes active again.

Impeccable sound quality

The Red Alert is an "audiophile" product, in the good sense of the word. Already, because it prevents an absurd and disastrous volume war for sound quality and hearing health. But also, because its design guarantees great sound neutrality. On the master track, no analog or digital processing is applied. The signal from the MASTER track is measured in parallel so that the BOOTH output is then attenuated (or not). This attenuation is done very faithfully: it is a very good attenuator.


  • Dimensions: 300mm wide (330 with mounting flanges) 120mm deep and 150mm high
  • Power supply: 90-264V AC, 47-63 Hz, maximum current 60mA
  • Stereo audio inputs: XLR for MASTER and balanced 6.3mm jack for BOOTH
  • Stereo audio outputs: XLR for MASTER and BOOTH
  • Power Connection: Standard IEC Type C14 power input
  • Auxiliary contact: SPDT relay connected to a special three-pin connector
  • Disabling the BOOTH mute tool: activated by a key switch located on the rear of the device
  • Display: Excess signal indicator and Booth Mute Active indicators on front panel

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