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rupert neve designs

Rupert Neve Designs Master Bus Transformer

Rupert Neve Designs Master Bus Transformer

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Analog stereo processor

For over six decades, transformers have been at the heart of Mr. Rupert Neve's circuit design philosophy. Custom transformers from Rupert Neve Designs are an integral part of virtually every Rupert Neve Designs product.

Equipped with these custom transformers, the MBT offers a multitude of options for softening, enhancing, driving and broadening the sound signal , making it a tool of choice for coloring .

The magic of Shelf EQ

With 3 octave ranges, smooth curves and minimal phase shifts, the all-new EQ section was created with a focus on simplicity and elegance. This smooth, musical EQ is excellent for quickly changing the tonal balance, especially when this section interacts with the other sections of the MBT.

Bring life back to life with Color Comp

The Color Comp optical compressor has been completely redesigned. It brings out the non-linear distortion and provides beautiful coloring from the Opto cell. The Color Comp includes two selectable ratios, a bypassable side-chain filter, a variable threshold, a class A compensation gain and a Wet/Dry control for parallel processing.

Discover a new dimension

The WIDTH section is designed to increase the stereo image without losing definition in low frequencies. Although inspired by the WIDTH section of the Stereo Field Editor (SFE) of the Master Buss processor, the MBT section has several key differences:

  • The MBT's width control is additive only , with a greater range for more extreme operation
  • There is a variable high-pass filter (50 Hz to 800 Hz) to adjust the content width, so the bass remains more centered in the mix, while the mids and highs are spread out to create more space
  • There is a subtle reduction in the high frequencies coming from the WIDTH to avoid too much emphasis on the harsher treble frequencies

New “Super Silk” section

Introduced almost twenty years ago, the Silk circuit has become one of the favorite functions of users of Rupert Neve Designs products . First available as a simple on/off switch, then with selectable RED and BLUE modes and variable texture control, Silk provides enhancement and control of even and odd harmonic content on all signals.

Super Silk is the latest advancement in this popular technology: with independent controls for RED , BLUE , harmonics and Zener Drive , as well as the ability to adjust gain in (and out) of the circuit, manipulation of harmonics reached a whole new level with the MBT...

  • RED accentuates harmonics in the mid and high frequencies, adding sparkle and shine.
  • BLUE accentuates harmonics in the low and mid frequencies, creating more depth and weight.
  • HARMONICS increases overall musical harmonic content and interacts with Silk BLUE and RED.
  • ZENER DRIVE adds a diode-based soft-clip circuit for a more aggressive tone as the MBT approaches clipping.
  • SILK IN engages or bypasses the entire SUPER SILK section. This “Silk Purple” feature is one of our most requested features.
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