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Sound Anchors

Sound Anchors DAW

Sound Anchors DAW

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Adjustable workstation

Support designed specifically to accommodate a digital audio workstation in the studio. It is capable of accommodating a screen, keyboard and mouse. The Sound Anchors Digital Audio Workstation DAW is heavy and perfectly balanced. It is very robust and will provide many years of service, even with heavy daily use. The keyboard platform and the monitor stand are height adjustable independently of each other.


The Sound Anchors DAW comes in several options. Here's how to understand the terminology:

  • DAW1X / DAW2X -> number of VESA mounts. The DAW1X has 1 VESA mount compared to 2 for the DAW2X
  • Standard / Dual-platform -> number of platforms. The double version allows you to add a MIDI keyboard under the keyboard.
  • 25x10" / 28x12" -> platform size

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