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Soyuz 017 FET (new version)

Soyuz 017 FET (new version)

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New version and new prices. The new 017-FET 2024 comes with a wooden case, a fixed hook and a -20dB pad.

On order: delivery within 15 days after payment.

Our opinion

"Validated by Nigel Godrich, Sylvia Massy, ​​Greg Wells and Steve Albini. This microphone is inspired by the U47 and is the best-seller of the store. It is available in tube or FET version. The tube version slightly slows down the transients in the high end. of the spectrum." -Victor Malvolti aka Boring Vic

Large Diaphragm FET Condenser Microphone

The Soyuz 017 FET is a large diaphragm condenser microphone inspired by the classic U47. Its capsule is specially designed by the brand and manufactured in-house. The same goes for the toroidal transformer which contributes greatly to the sound signature of this microphone.

A new classic

Sound engineers can spend small fortunes on vintage microphones. It must be said that reissues are not always up to par. After all, the manufacturing processes having changed, why should the results be the same? The 017 is loosely inspired by a great classic, but takes on a different sound signature. Its open treble, soft midrange and bass extension make it a new benchmark in high-end microphones. And this, at a much more affordable price than the vintage versions of the great classics.

Tube or FET

The 017 series includes two models powered by FET (field effect transistor) or tube (valve). Although FET and Tube designs are similar – both share identical capsules, shapes and sound signatures – there are subtle differences between them.

The 017 FET captures transients with a somewhat faster and more precise response; The smoother, rounded highs of the 017 TUBE are perfect for sources requiring warmth with a little more coloration.

Legacy and innovation at Soyuz

Soyuz engineers have spent many years researching, maintaining and building well-known microphones. And Soyuz machinists are particularly qualified.

This unique assemblage of knowledge, know-how and skill – combined with the ears of numerous musicians, producers and audio engineers – resulted in the creation of the custom 017 Series S17 capsule.
Featuring a hand-tuned, gold-plated 34mm diaphragm, the S17 is somewhat inspired by the original K67 capsule developed in 1960.

Far from proposing a new clone, Soyuz further developed the design, modifying its assembly and settings. The result, combined with the original Soyuz design, makes the 017 unique.


“I compared the 017 to my best hit U47 – which is my favorite mic of all time... What was crazy was how close the sound of your mic was to the best mic in the world.. .I would say I would use this mic over another in a lot of situations." -Nigel Godrich. Radiohead producer, Paul McCartney, Beck

"Wow. Pretty amazed by the sound. I compared [Bomblet and SU-017] to my Holy Grail 47 and 251, and they live happily on the same block, which is an elitist, snobby little block! !!!." -Greg Wells. Producer and writer for Adele, Ariana Grande, Keith Urban

"The 017 TUBE is one of the best vocal mics I have ever used and compares admirably to the best vintage mics of the era. The 017 FET is very similar in sound quality and has become a standout vocal mic. first choice since arriving at Electrical Audio The BOMBLET is used a lot for guitar speakers and the accessory attenuator makes it extremely versatile. I use the 013 FET regularly on acoustic instruments and I love their striking clarity. their omni capsules, they're fantastic room mics and good general purpose condenser mics." -Steve Albini. Producer for Nirvana, The Pixies, Breeders

"After 25 years, my vintage Telefunken U47 has been relegated to the back of my mic closet. The Soyuz SU-017 is now my first choice for vocals, acoustic guitar or any other musical recording." -Sylvia Massy. Producer of Prince, Johnny Cash, Tool, System of a Down


  • Type: FET Condenser Microphone
  • Membrane: Two 34 mm membranes (one of which is sprayed with gold)
  • Frequency response: 20 Hz/20 kHz
  • Polar pattern: Cardioid (omni capsule optional)
  • Sensitivity: -15mV/Pa
  • Impedance: 200 Ohm
  • SPL: 140 dB
  • Equivalent noise: -18dB (a-weighted)
  • Size: 226mm length x 55mm diameter
  • Weight: 930g
  • Accessories: wooden case, -20 dB pad, cable, shock mount
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