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Trinnov NOVA

Trinnov NOVA

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Acoustic correction system

Trinnov's new processor is set to become a new classic in studios. More compact, more flexible and easier to use, it is the most advanced correction and monitoring tool on the market.

Optimizer: the most advanced acoustic correction system

Undisputed leaders in speaker/room optimization, Trinnov offer with the Optimizer the most advanced acoustic correction system on the market. A standard in music studios, audiovisual post-production, cinema and broadcasting!

A complete monitoring controller

The NOVA doubles as advanced control of your sources and outputs. Its complete set of analog and digital connections makes it adaptable to many modern configurations, whether in stereo or 5.1.

Compatibility with the Avid EUCON standard and La Remote make the Nova a very advanced monitoring system, capable of managing complex environments.

NOVA 2, 4, 6 - explanations

The Trinnov NOVA allows you to go from 2 to 4 or 6 channels with a simple software update.

Whether you're adding a subwoofer, a second pair of monitors, or upgrading to 5.1, simply purchase the additional licenses from your Trinnov reseller and unlock them with just a few clicks.

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