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Violectric Chronos

Violectric Chronos

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"Violectric's answer to the Apogee Groove! The low impedance of the Chronos makes it much better on low impedance headphones, i.e. most headphones on the market. Cheaper, more compact and better, the Chronos is a superb tool for audiophiles looking for linearity as well as engineers on the go." -Victor Malvolti aka Boring Vic

Amplifier and DAC for mobile headphones

Violectric CHRONOS is a mobile DAC with headphone amplifier that replaces sound cards in mobile devices.

This is a high-end D/A converter combined with a powerful headphone amplifier and protected by an elegant miniature housing.

The Chronos processes the signal up to 32 bits and 384 kHz for PCM signals and DSD is supported up to DSD 256. The D/A converter offers a dynamic range of 130 dB with distortions as low as -115 dB. Power consumption is negligible and only insignificantly reduces the operating time of the connected smartphone.

The amplifier powers low impedance headphones up to 2 x 30 mW.

This high-end dongle measures just 44.5 x 24 x 10mm. The housing has been milled from a solid piece of aluminum and is surrounded by a shiny beveled edge. The top and bottom covers are made of glass, the top cover displays the operating modes in different colors.

Whether it's Apple, Android, Windows 10 or iOS, the Violectric CHRONOS will always connect without any problem, without any driver installation. To cover all input options, the Violectric CHRONOS comes with three adapter cables, including a Lightning one!

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