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Violectric HPA V202

Violectric HPA V202

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Hi-Fi headphone amplifier

The V202 headphone amplifier takes up the heritage of the V200 which was praised by the press. It offers the natural and pleasant sound that has made Violectric products famous.

Thanks to its particular technology, the HPA V202 not only offers one of the most powerful headphone amplifiers on the market, but also:

  • ultra-low noise – thanks to very low internal gain. The noise specific to the amplifier is inaudible
  • a high output voltage – its internal operating voltage is 50 V! Ideal for high impedance headphones
  • high output power – its oversized amplifiers provide more power than the most power-hungry headphones could demand. Therefore ideal for low impedance headphones and also magnetostatics
  • High damping factor - thanks to very low output impedance. This is why the V202 is ideal for controlling the most difficult headphones without any interference, with the guarantee of an intact frequency response.

The rear LINE inputs can be selected using a front switch. After passing through the Alps RK 27 potentiometer, the signal reaches the power amplifiers, which are a further development of the famous V200 circuits. Connect your headphones to the HPA V202 and enjoy a fantastic compact headphone amplifier with the famous natural, smooth and precise Violectric sound.

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