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Warm Audio

Warm Audio Premier Series - XLR Cable

Warm Audio Premier Series - XLR Cable

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XLR cable

Warm Audio cables are designed in partnership with Gotham AG to offer high-end cables at reduced prices. The Premier Series range is the most advanced and its four-conductor, double-shielded design guarantees high rejection of electromagnetic interference and therefore lower background noise. The icing on the cake: they are guaranteed for life!

StarQuad construction

A traditional balanced cable uses three cores to carry audio signals: a shielded core for the positive/hot leg, a shielded core for the negative/cold leg (which is wired in reverse polarity relative to the positive leg), and a core simple exterior which acts as a mass. A balanced audio system effectively rejects most induced noise encountered along the length of the cable by eliminating signals common to the hot and cold legs.

The StarQuad construction takes this concept even further by using four cores instead of two: two cores each for the hot/positive and cold/negative legs and a single mass. This helps protect the audio more from RFI (radio frequency interference) than a traditional three-conductor cable.

Double-armored "Reussen"

Most cable construction techniques use an outer shell of wire that serves as a ground. Some manufacturers braid this wire, while others just wrap the wires very evenly to protect the inner wires from interference.

"Reussen" double-shielding goes much further than more traditional techniques, in two ways: First, the cable is wrapped in not one, but TWO separate shields, and second, the outer shield is wrapped in a direction opposite to the interior shielding. This creates stronger, more complete shielding against radio frequency interference for the internal cores and can result in a staggering reduction in interference. The "Reussen" double-shield is a little more expensive to manufacture, but for those who accept nothing but the best, it represents the pinnacle of today's balanced cable technology.

Premier vs. Pro

Warm offers two cable lines - Premier and Professional - to offer a wide variety of connection types in two different price ranges. While both lines take advantage of Gotham AG's industry-leading construction to provide near-perfect signal transfer and both offer a lifetime warranty, the Premier line adds superior features like gold-plated connectors, four-conductor Starquad construction for powerful EMI rejection, and Double-Reussen shielding for increased RFI rejection.

There simply isn't a better-sounding, more reliable cable on the planet, and Warm Audio cables don't come at a premium - they're cables that everyone can afford! Compared to other premium cables with a lifetime warranty, Warm Audio cables cost 25-35% less on average.

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