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Dangerous Music

Dangerous Music BAX EQ

Dangerous Music BAX EQ

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Baxandall type equalizer

If you have ever adjusted the bass and treble on a hi-fi system, then you have used a Baxandall type equalizer. Designed by Peter Baxandall, these EQ curves are among the most popular for good reason: their smooth, wide curves make them very musical. The Dangerous BAX EQ is the first pro EQ to leverage the famous Baxandall curves, and Dangerous' version has become a classic among mixing, mastering and recording engineers.


  • Unique design based on bass and treble tone controls
  • Audiophile-grade components
  • Notched potentiometers for easy recalls
  • Large Qs for natural, open and transparent sound
  • 7-position phase-coherent high-pass and low-pass filters on relays
  • 8-position high and low frequency selection
  • 5 dB cut and boost controls in 1/2 dB steps
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